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Version: 0.6.0

Account Creation and Setup

Create an Account

To get started with Seaplane, you’ll need a Flightdeck account. To create a Flightdeck account, head over to Currently, Seaplane supports single sign-on with a Google (busienss and personal) or with a GitHub account associated with a GitHub organization.


The first person in your organization to sign up on Flightdeck holds the admin privileges of your organization. For any changes with personnel and admin privileges, please reach out to us at


We recommend you use the Google single sign-on feature to create your account!

Sign Up with Google (Recommended)

Google SSO is avaiable.

  1. Click on Continue with Google.
  2. Welcome aboard to Flightdeck! Configure billing to activate your account.
Sign Up with GitHub
  1. Click on Continue with GitHub.

Your GitHub account must be associated with a GitHub organization. To learn more about creating an organization within GitHub please refer to GitHub's documentation.

  1. Click the Grant button next to the organization(s) to connect with Seaplane. Click Authorize seaplane-io to continue with the sign up process.
Authorize Seaplane
  1. Choose which organization(s) to use with Flightdeck and continue.
  2. Welcome aboard to Flightdeck! Configure billing to activate your account.


Next, configure your billing information. Please note that we do not charge you until terms are agreed upon. After completing all billing information, click Save card.

Seaplane verifies your account after receiving your billing information. The verification process typically takes up to 6 hours on business days. If you need to follow up on your company's access, contact

Use Flightdeck

Seaplane automatically creates a project and an API-key now that you have full access to Flightdeck and Seaplane. Use this API-key for your next Seaplane project.

Create a Project

Create a new project by following the steps below. Your company's resource tab shows the available projects. Use the API key to authenticate with seaplane services.


Please note that in Flightdeck a project is an identity, such as a tenant.

  1. Click on the down arrow for Type and choose 🗂️Project.
  2. Type a Project Name.
  3. Click the Create button.

Create an API-Key

To create additional API-Keys follow the steps below.

  1. Under Type click on 🔑API Key.
  2. Type an API-Key Name.
  3. Choose the API-Key's Project.
  4. Click the Create button.

Multiple Companies

Manage multiple companies with one Flightdeck account. To add multiple companies, contact us at

Multiple Company Users: Click on the company names to switch between them.