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Version: 0.3.94

What is a task?

This document describes the function of tasks inside the Seaplane platform and how to use them.

Tasks are the building blocks inside Seaplane applications and are defined through the @task decorator. Each task should have an id and a type. Below is an example definition of a standard compute task.

from seaplane import task

@task(type='compute', id='my-task')
def my_task(data)
# run your task code here

The data object inside the function definition holds a JSON object that is retrieved from the previous step in your pipeline (DAG).

Task Types

There are various different types of tasks available such as compute and inference tasks. You can learn more about the different task types here.

Task resources

You can add one or multiple resources to a task. Resources are added inside the @task decorator. For example, the code snippet below adds a SQL database resource to the compute task. You can learn more about all available resources and how to use them here.

from seaplane import task, sql

@task(id='my-task-id', type='compute', sql_db=['username', 'password', 'db-name'])
def my_task(data, sql_db):
sql_db.excute("select * from my_table where ...")



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